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With pleasure i welcome you in my gallery ! :heart:

comment by SandgroanComment Stamp by bitchinvixen

Enjoy~<3 !

Iruka x Momo by El-and-Noxi


Random Favourites

I :+fav: honest !
Keep up the amazing work ! ;)

Umino Iruka by maksitobi :heart: Momo Hinamori by rtk12

Mew Bulbasaur Joltik Togepi Castform Finneon Shuppet Cherubi Pidgey MarillBronzor Swirlix Bonsly Lotad 

HoundourHeart - FreeVulpix Pokémon Couple Commissions OshawottHeart - FreeFroakie

Are you looking for someone to draw your favorite Pokémon couple ?
Then you are on the right deviantart account !

The rules ? Cubone 


I WON'T draw OC x Canon for you...
I WON'T draw Pregnancy (also men-preg.) for you...
I WON'T draw Trainer couples for you ...
I WON'T draw genderbender for you ...
I WON'T draw Trainer x Pokémon for you ...
I WON'T draw violence and/or blood for you ...
I WON'T draw  Humanoid or Furry for you...
I WON'T draw sexual themes for you... (not this time)
I WON'T draw Gijinka for you...
I WON'T draw Pokémons with human clothes... ( Humanoid pokémon are an exception !)
I WON'T draw Sawk for you with an other pokémon than those on the list, sorry... 

I WON'T DRAW 3 or more Pokémon for you...


I WILL draw Male x Male for you !

I WILL draw Sawk and my favorite male pokemons with: 

  1. Only these Female Pokemon: Azumarill, Mawile, Grumpig, Mega Gardevoir, Froslass, Clefairy or Clefable, Goodra, Audino, Spinda, Blissey, Banette.
  2. Only these Male Pokemon (my favorite males): Greninja, Aegislash, Hypno, Gallade, Mewtwo X, Cacturne, Blaziken, Dusknoir, Genensect, Mega Scissor, Darkrai, Scrafty, Sableye, Drudiggon. 
I WILL draw Female x Female for you !
I WILL draw Cute and Cuddly things for you !
I WILL draw Male x Female for you !
I ONLY draw Pokemons for you, no OC's !
I WILL draw your Favorite Pokémon for you !

I WILL draw 1 or 2 Pokémon for you !

What's a commission ? Finneon

A request but you have to pay for it.
No money, but points ! :points: 

If you are unsure about your commission, feel free to ask me questions !
I don't want any misunderstandings. Ditto


Digital Colored Drawing + Full Bodies 2 Pokémon: 15 :points: 

Digital Colored Drawing + Full Body 1 Pokémon:  7 :points: 
Digital Colored Drawing 2 Pokémon: 10 :points: 

Digital Colored Drawing 1 Pokémon: 5 :points: 

Uncolored (NOT AVAILABLE FOR USE): 3 :points: 


Zoroark (male) x Lucario (male) + Full Bodies 2 Pokémon - By :iconmomoiru1994:

Your hair so soft - Lucario x Zoroark by Yama-Taicho1994

Sawk x Emolga (female) + Full Bodies 2 Pokémon - By :iconkikoukawai: 

Let's play - Emolga x Sawk by Yama-Taicho1994

Fennekin (male) x Vulpix (female) + Full Bodies 2 Pokémon - By :iconasfcruppy:

Desert Furry - Fennekin x Vulpix by Yama-Taicho1994

Amaura (female) x Tyrunt (male) + Full Bodies 2 Pokémon - By :iconcelestialrainicorn:

Jurassic Love by Yama-Taicho1994

Mienshao (female) x Sawk + Full Bodies 2 Pokémon - By :iconmlenshao: Progress Bar - Sketching by Oceannist

Bagon Nidorina Wurmple Metapod Farfetchd Jigglypuff CleffaSpheal Cubone Togepi Bulbasaur Chikorita Vulpix Fletchling Torchic 
  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: Pokémon X and Y ost
  • Playing: Pokémon Y
  • Drinking: Orange Juice


Yama-Taicho1994's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name :giggle:

My real name is Daniëlle.
My nickname is : Momo - Shinobu
Because of the character Momo Hinamori from Bleach. :iconmomohinamoriplz:
This is my YAOI GROUP =>
Feel free to check out !

Things i like :love:

My favorite type of food is sushi or french fries.
I don't drink any alcohol, but i sometimes like to drink a disaronno to celabrate something.
My favorite holiday is Valentine and Christmass, my favorite season is spring.
My favorite movies are : V from vendetta,Pokemon, X-men, Naruto, Bleach, Interestella 5555,...
I love cats more then dogs. My favorite dog is a pug.
My favorite flower is a rose because it always let me think about my girlfriend. <3
My favorite colors are between red and purple.
My favorite song is "Digital Love" from Daft Punk.
My dreams are to become a very good teacher, that me and my love will stay forever and that the people who are very important to me have a lucky life.
My goals: To be an art-model for people and to make my girlfriend always happy.
Who I really want to meet in real life is one of my favorite mangakas/(voice)actors or daft punk.
I wanna go to Japan, the Japanse culture is amazing !
I'm addicted to: Anime, Daft Punk, Marvel, Japan,Yaoi, Crossovers, Doujinshi's,Zelda,...

Appearance :D

I don't have any piercings or tatoos.
My natural haircolor is brown.
I don't color my hair.
My eye color is brown and a little bit of grey in it and i don't wear any glasses or lenses.
I'm right handed.
I have brown hair.

Hobbies :eager:

I don't realy read any books, but i read mangas and marvel comics.
Drawing is something that makes me unique.
I’m most proud of my drawing skills.
My talents are : drawing, cooking, gaming.
I cosplay as : Momo Hinamori, Orochimaru, Yamato, Aizen and Kabuto, ... (many more).

Personality :la:

I’m a hard working girl and I help other people a lot.
I only spend a lot of time with my girlfriend.
I’m really ashamed of people who hug me suddenly or touch me.
I'm affraid of spiders (not spiderman), bees and needles.
Sometimes i can be affraid of the dark.
I can't live without my love, my family, my drawing skills and Anime.
I can be a nice person and very honest.
Listening to others is very important to me.
What I have to change about myself is that I most of all always want something and i want to get what I want.
If not i'll get mad *blush*.
I only complain about something when I don’t like something.
I care a lot about other people (only the one's who have respect for me and the people around me).
I really can’t stop being open-minded, but I know my limits.
Taking risks is something I first have to think about before I take one.
I’m a very positive person but everyone can be sometimes negative. That is only when I have a reason.
The most foolish thing I’ve ever done was having a relationship with someone who didn’t care about others and myself.
Molestation and hurting someone is something that makes me angry.
I can be selfish, but everyone can be somethimes.
I realy stand up for myself and other people.
I most of all listen to my heart but my mind is also something important.
I don’t care about people who think bad about me.

Relationship :blushes:

I have an amazing relationship with :iconmomoiru1994: , she's my girlfriend and we cosplay together.
Iruka (she likes it when i call her like that) is a very important person, she's my soul mate, my love, my darlin and i'm not interested in other people because to me she's the best person in the world ! :heart:
In the future i want to adobt two children (maybe).
I had a white cat, a dog and a goldfish but they passed away a few years ago and i really miss them...
I have a cat called Flare from the team Flare members of pokemon x and y !

Important :new:

It's very important that you know:

:bulletpink: I'm together with a girl. (bisexual)
:bulletpink: I dislike Canon x Oc (already existing characters couple with an original character is just selfish).
:bulletpink: I like to draw Momo Hinamori (Canon from Bleach) with a lot of my favorite Canon characters ! :heart:
:bulletpink: I hate is when people think Momo Hinamori is a OC, BUT SHE IS NOT !!!
:bulletpink: I think it's childish when people post my art and make fun of it or copy it for own use !

Thank you so much people, for the nice drawings ! :squee:

Sexy Sawk for Yamato-Taicho by Blacklynx3
Naruto loves you by lRakuenl
KakaIru by Pink-lady1993
Hugs by Pink-lady1993
Art Trade:The Sword demon and the Loyal Lieutenant by KazeTheCursedOne
Hot Dolphin by Sethsia
Cuddling Moment by PineappleLady
AT For Yama by Xombie-Ate-Sensei

There are a lot of anime characters i like.. DX

†‡666666‡‡‡†_________________________†68¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ I love Slender !

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Yama-Taicho1994 has started a donation pool!
191 / 200

I wanna thank everybody for his/her donation !
I'm very happy that you guys apreciate my artwork and so do i with yours !

I hope getting premium membership one day because it would be wonderful to make my account better and more open for new artworks in the future !

More Yaoi, Pokemon, Bleach, Fetishes and so on !!!

THANK YOU :heart:


Iruka x Momo by El-and-Noxi.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

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